Like father, like son: Can Justin Trudeau remake himself, as his father did? If he is like his father, he will listen to old hands, issue fewer apologies and honour more promises ANDREW COHEN SPECIAL TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL PUBLISHED 3 DAYS AGO UPDATED OCTOBER 25, 2019 339 COMMENTS Open this photo in gallery [...]

The Narrative

So very well put and so applicable to many countries around the world right now.

I can't believe it!

What is Brexit but a clash of stories, or narratives. In the first, UK is a part of a collaborative European Union that arose out of the ashes of the World Wars to establish an island of peace and commerce that is a beacon to the rest of the world. In the second, UK frees itself from the tyranny of an overseeing and threatening superstate, and goes forth free again to trade on its own terms with the world, as in some mythical past times.

These two stories are so completely incompatible that the country is now riven. We are in the midst of a narrative war. Of course, we always are. The conventional left-right prism in politics is a characterisation of two stories – we are all in it together, or we are self driving and independent individuals that owe nothing to anyone.

These thoughts were provoked by Tim…

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Young people aren’t politically apathetic – we’re disillusioned

RILEY YESNO CONTRIBUTED TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL Riley Yesno is a Toronto-based student from Eabametoong First Nation and a former member of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council. For years, political parties in Canada have failed to take young voters seriously. Instead of putting effort into engaging with voters under 30, parties have focused on [...]

True democracy is not an ancient idea – and in Canada, we risk it all when we forget that.

EAN-PIERRE KINGSLEY CONTRIBUTED TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL INCLUDES CORRECTION PUBLISHED OCTOBER 18, 2019 Jean-Pierre Kingsley was Canada’s chief electoral officer from 1990 to 2007. In 1991, I was in Hungary, taking part in an important project that Canadians don’t often think about when they think about Elections Canada’s work: assisting a country in establishing [...]

Literature versus science fiction

And here I have always thought good sci-fi was literature!

Matthew Wright

I am somewhat bemused by the way ‘literature’ is so often assumed to be a superior form of writing, above any form of genre fiction and, particularly, science fiction (‘ptooey’). Authors known for ‘literature’ are, apparently, more talented, competent and intelligent than ‘sci fi’ authors, who by definition are hacks, talentless and ignorant of basic writing skills and higher human truths.

It’s a funny attitude: I’d argue that the best science fiction (‘ptooey’) is easily as well-written as ‘literature’, with as much character depth and quality of styling as the material upheld by the literati. In the mid-twentieth century, before sci-fi was socially cool for the majority, Robert A. Heinlein’s writing was arguably as good as Steinbeck’s when it came to stylistic competence, social message, characterisation and plot, among other things. As always, the sci-fi setting was merely backdrop to a human story which, naturally, had…

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