Meaningful climate action in Canada is doomed

Once, this country led the global conversation that helped save the ozone layer. Now, in a climate crisis, we can’t even have an honest conversation among ourselves about what must be done to save us all GARY MASONNATIONAL AFFAIRS COLUMNIST PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 28, 2019UPDATED 5 HOURS AGO Open this photo in gallery Toronto, Sept. 27, [...]

Dear American – a letter from your friend, Canada.

rom my perspective, white middle class Canadian, I think this is one of the strongest, most eloquent pieces I have read in a long time defending and promoting the goodness of American people. For a lot of years I spent 2 months a year working and promoting in the US back in the 70’s and 80’s and yes I saw of the bad ( I was mugged in Cleveland) but overwhelmingly it is the good people I remember.
Thank you so much for such a readable article.

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Dear America,

I moved here in August of 2016; three months before your last election. Since then I have held back from sharing my personal political opinions; primarily because I feel that, as a guest in your country, it’s not my place and frankly, it would be rude.

I’m now preparing to leave the US to go back to Canada, but before I go, I wanted to share a few of my observations; as a friend.

Because, who are we kidding, Canada is your best friend; we know you better than any of your other friends. We’re your closest neighbor; we grow up watching your TV and listening to your music. We know you to be proud, passionate and at times a bit rowdy and rambunctious and we love you for it.

Although we know everything about you, we know that you know much less about us; and that’s ok, because…

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We can’t just stand up for our values when it’s convenient

Wow, thanks for sharing this and it is strange that our beloved CBC didn’t pick this up first?

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Canada is in the midst of an election (of 6 weeks duration rather than 2+ years) and as most people know, our prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has gotten himself into an unwanted controversy due to some pictures of him in ‘brownface’ and ‘blackface’ that have emerged from some 18+ years ago. Many people have lamented the fact that the media – and many politicians – have not used this situation to engage in a more fulsome public discussion on racism and broader discrimination, as opposed to dwelling on Trudeau’s lack of judgment at the time. It’s a missed learning opportunity.

In an opinion piece on September 21, Mayor Naheed Nenshi of Calgary does an impressive job of presenting the realities and complexities of continuing broadly-based discrimination in Canada – with parallels in many other countries. Such an impressive job, in fact, that I thought it worthwhile sharing as widely as possible…

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Scientists In Antarctica Discover Long Line Of Obese Dinosaurs Trapped In Their SUVs — The Out And Abouter

Scientists taking core samples at a remote location in Antartica have made a shocking – but probably not significant – discovery: Dinosaurs. Obese ones. Trapped in SUVs with just one dino driver in most of the vehicles. And stuck in a traffic jam that appears to have been caused by a lunch time rush at […] [...]

Yes, the Climate Crisis May Wipe out Six Billion People

William E. Rees 18 Sep 2019 | William E. Rees is professor emeritus of human ecology and ecological economics at the University of British Columbia.   UBC professor emeritus William Rees provides the grim calculations for humanity if climate change and growth in population and consumption fueled by cheap energy goes unchecked. Photo by Nick Wiebe, [...]

Let’s hear it for our youth, the adults in the room for fighting the climate change crisis

Extremely timely and well written, thanks Jane.

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Today, September 20, 2019, literally millions of young people worldwide are participating in a strike for climate change, organized by themselves. They are fighting for the survival of our planet. They are fighting to convince all of those of us who believe in science – not to mention the obvious signs that it’s real – that mankind has indeed had a huge negative impact on global warming and that we have to do something – actually more than just something – about it NOW.

Image credit: The Guardian

Yes, this means reducing, phasing out, and eventually removing our use of fossil fuel. Oil and gas industries can be part of it by continuing to improve their processes to reduce emissions, and they can be part of it by leading the way in investing in new, emission-free sources of energy as they move to new businesses. But head in the sand…

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