It’s wrong headed to protect Nature with human style rights.

How can the law account for the value of complex, nonhuman entities such as rivers, lakes, forests and ecosystems? At a time of runaway climate change, when the Earth’s biosphere is on the brink of collapse and species extinctions are accelerating, this has become a vital question.Some theorists argue that there’s a clear historical precedent [...]

We aren’t really in control?

In the interactive choose-your-own-adventure movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018), viewers get to puppeteer the main character, Stefan. It starts innocently enough with such things as determining his choice of breakfast cereal, but events quickly take a dark turn, and you might well find yourself dictating how to get rid of his father’s body. But this [...]

Is America the best place to chase the American Dream?

So is the Canadian dream much different– it cost us boomers very little to go to university and jobs were waiting for us, just doesn’t seem to be quite that way anymore.

Robby Robin's Journey

Reading about the extraordinary college admissions scandal in the U.S. this past week, one couldn’t help but be astounded by:

  1. The amount of money even the richest of the rich think is worth spending to get their kids into School A instead of School B, not to mention being willing to risk jail time for this illegal activity (whoops, they probably didn’t think that was going to happen!).
  2. The fact that it costs such staggering sums of money to attend these Ivy League and other prestigious schools, compared with receiving a perfectly fine post-secondary education at a more reasonably-priced institution.
  3. The reminder that such a remarkably elitist system exists in the country to that has branded itself from early days as a meritocracy, where everyone had a chance at the American Dream. Get a good solid public school education, available to everyone, work hard, be conscientious, and the Dream is…

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The value of going unseen

Akiko Busch Contributed to The Globe and Mail Published March 1, 2019 Reconsidering the value of going unseen and overlooked The Globe and Mail (Ontario Edition)2 Mar 2019AKIKO BUSCH The aquatic world offers invisibility that is less about being unseen and more about a dilution of self and the sensation of assimilation and adaptation. It [...]