On 15 September 2008, the giant financial services firm Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, starting a chain reaction that saw the global economy spiralling toward total collapse. The global financial crisis that ensued revealed just how fragile and unstable the world economic order really was. If there was ever a time that neoliberal capitalism should [...]


Thanks Barry for a concise essay on consciousness.

I can't believe it!

Scientific materialists claim that consciousness presents a ‘hard problem’ that will ultimately be solved by science demonstrating how consciousness is created by brain activity. Personally I think this is nonsense – consciousness lies outside the domain of science. In this post I explore what consciousness is through the lens of the philosophy of panpsychism, as presented in philosopher Christian de Quincey’s book Blind Spots.

Consciousness (or mind) is subjective, it is undetectable, is not measurable, and is not located in space.

Physical entities have extension in space, consist of matter-energy and can be measured by science.

Consciousness and matter/energy are the inner and outer of existence. They always go together. Consciousness is the capacity for knowing, feeling, being aware, making choices. It needs energy to act. Consciousness is pervasive throughout the universe, and goes ‘all the way down’ to the smallest components.

Consciousness gives meaning to the universe, gives an…

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Finding our Moral Compass

I never thought it of it as part of my moral compass, I just like to help people.

Life After 50

A Moral Compass, by definition, is used in reference to a person’s ability to judge what is right and wrong and act accordingly.

A moral compass is something that develops over time.  Although I am certain DNA has something to do with it, I suspect it has more to do with the people in our life who, from a very young age, lead by example, teaching us morals & values, moulding us into decent human beings with a good sense of right & wrong.

At some point in our lives, we become solely responsible for our own moral compass.  Now & again we may need a gentle nudge or swift kick in the butt to readjust our mindset, but for the most part, if we have been raised with the proper tools in our moral compass toolbox, we have the wherewithal to know what we should & should not do.

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Go-go, go-slow, or no-go?

Excellent thoughts on living life in the now, thanks Jane.

Robby Robin's Journey

Go-go, go-slow, or no-go? This might be the question you ask yourself as you wake up on a weekend morning after a late night, knowing that you have lots to accomplish before the day is out. How am I feeling? Full of energy or at least full of motivation?  Not so much so, but it’ll get done somehow?  Or, forget it, I’m staying in bed?  Or it might be the question you ask yourself in a critical meeting, when you’re trying to decide which strategy is most likely to meet with success (either for you and your position or for the greater good). Should I dive in fully committed to this approach, even though I’m not sure it will be the best path for me? Should I voice a position of non-committal or compromise, trying to keep my options open? Or should I dig in my heels and say no?


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Thinking about how people impact our lives

Thanks once again for sharing such a wonderful reflection. Yesterday and today I got to share a little time with my 3 sisters, brother-in-law, nephews and family. It reminded me of the fragility of life and the beauty of sharing.

Robby Robin's Journey

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and, as Canadians, we have much to be thankful for. This day alone is a gift to be thankful for here in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Calm, crisp, sunny, and brilliantly decorated with the splendor of the fall colours. It’s my favourite season, especially when there’s no wind so the leaves last a bit longer. As I walked along the beautiful St. John River that transects our fair city this morning, enjoying this absolutely spectacular fall day along with many others taking advantage of the holiday, I was regaled by the honking of the many families of geese that have spent the past several weeks along the shore of the river, flying from one side to the other, then back again, honking the whole while. I’m not sure if they’re debating whether they should leave or not, considering how beautiful it is, or whether they are…

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